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Steps To Improve Your Website’s Google SEO Ranking To Gain New Customers

  • Posted by danielle
  • On August 14, 2017
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Improving your Google SEO ranking can have a huge impact on the success of your business. The higher up you sit in search engine results, the more people will be able to find you. This means a greater chance of making more sales. Boosting business revenue is important to all companies. Here are a few steps to follow in order to achieve this.
Google SEO

Tips to Improve Google SEO Ranking

1. Publish regular and interesting content
You should strongly consider setting up a blog on your website. Publish regular content to attract customers. This should be interesting and relevant to your market. Engage your readers with high quality content. This may include visual images to enhance their interest. This will improve site traffic, boosting its authority and relevance at the same time.

Keyword phrases

Use a keyword phrase for each page. Consider how the reader might use that phrase within a search engine. Integrate this into your page’s text several times. Ideally, this should be once or twice in the opening and closing paragraphs. In addition, include it two to four extra times in the remainder of the post. Bold, italics, tags and headings can all enhance and highlight your content. Make sure this is done in a subtle way to avoid overdoing it. Post regular content to keep things fresh. This may include updates about your business. It could also involve general industry news, product releases, personal statements or special offers. Think outside of the box. This will increase interest and engage both new and existing readers.
2. Metadata
Insert metadata to enhance your SEO. This is information about the contents of your page. It may include title metadata, description metadata and keyword metadata.

Title metadata

Title metadata is for page titles shown at the top of a browser window. This is highly important. CMS websites have an automated system for this.

Description metadata

Description metadata is the text description that browsers use in the page search return. It entices people to click on it.

Keyword metadata

Keyword metadata involves search phrases that web surfers type when looking to find a page. 6-8 phrases of 1-4 words each is ideal.
3. Make your site link-worthy
Establish relevant links within your text. Instead of ‘click here’ options, try to focus on writing the name of the destination instead. This makes your text more interesting and improves SEO. Use keywords within the link text in order to do this. This also improves the ranking of the page that you are linking to.
4. Use alt tags
It is a good idea to use alt tags to label your videos and images. This is because it allows search engines to find your page. This improves Google SEO rankings. It is crucial, particularly to text-only browsers.
5. Consider a sitemap
A sitemap can list and establish links to all other main pages within your site. This means search spiders can find them more quickly. Users can locate these with less clicks required.
6. Go mobile-friendly
In the current climate, a substantial portion of web traffic comes from mobile users. Ensuring your site is mobile friendly will improve the chances of users staying for longer – and coming back! Such sites also rank higher in Google searches and improve the user experience. This is something Google is very passionate about.

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