Social media marketing top 7 tips to boost your business and its online presence

Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

Social media marketing has become a must-have for any modern business. Social media is also key to interacting with customers and releasing news updates. Consumers are heavily influenced by social media channels. These include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They are where people often find out about new products and services, including what’s hot right now. Here are some tips to maximise your social media digital marketing campaigns.
Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Top Tips

  1. Live videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media. They can be a great way to interact with your audience in real time. This is because they allow customers to ask questions. They can also demonstrate your online presence. You could schedule a question and answer session for your viewers to log on at a certain time. Maybe even broadcast a spontaneous video taking a tour around a live event, for example.
  2. Competitions are another fantastic way to increase interest in your brand to both new and existing customers. Creating regular giveaways on social media allows for consumer interaction and brings a buzz to your pages. Team up with other brands of a similar size to attract additional audiences. Chip in together to offer an even better prize to your fans.
  3. Blogs are an ideal way to share news updates on your website. These can be published on all of your social media channels to drive traffic to your site. Posting three times a day on Facebook will increase the reach of your posts within the newsfeed. You can even interview relevant industry people on your blog who will then share the link with their own audiences. Keep customers up to date with any new ideas, product launches, competitions and special offers. This keeps them checking back on a regular basis.
  4. Paid ads are another social media marketing option to consider for posts in need of an additional boost. You can tailor the audience you would like these to reach as well. Use eye catching, quality videos and photos to make the most of your campaign. Set a budget and stick to it. Make changes to further ads depending on the success of previous ones.
  5. Scheduling posts and syncing these to all of your social media channels is a good idea. It is the perfect way to save time and maximise online exposure. Hootsuite can be a beneficial tool to any business. Post on a regular basis to keep customers interested and constantly engaged. How often you do this is up to you, but at least once a day is ideal. Make sure your content is always exciting though.
  6. Use URL shorteners in order to track and measure audience engagement. You can then tweak any future campaigns. Shorter links also look less messy on your social media profile. They allow you to fit more into your post on Twitter for example where there is a text limit.
  7. Use hashtags to boost exposure of your posts. Do this in the right way to avoid looking desperate. Read up on the do’s and don’ts of implementing successful hashtags for social media marketing. For example, it is best to post an image on Instagram with an interesting or motivational caption. Perhaps include just one or two relevant keywords as hashtags. Immediately post additional tags as a new comment underneath. This will increase your exposure without looking like hashtag overkill. Make sure to use suitable and popular keywords to maximise your reach and to the right target audience.

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