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Should You Build A Mobile Site?

Mobile Site Optimisation – Part I

Keeping on par with the next gen digital marketing trend, developing a mobile website and optimising it for mobile use has become, quite simply, essential. By doing so, your online business will be optimised for catering to business through mobiles, a trend which is accelerating in leaps and bounds. In this series of three posts we will cover the same strategies along with some additional ones – focusing on mobile website development and optimisation without drilling into basics of on page and off page optimisation.

Mobile Market

70% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone -> Mobile Internet is growing 8x faster than desktop.

Taking into consideration the UK market,

  • On an average 31% of a sites’ traffic is from mobile devices

  • 25% of purchases are made using a mobile device

  • 77% of smart phone users have researched a product (price comparisons, reviews, specifications etc.) on their mobile device

Reference stats taken from –

Analysing data to decide whether to build a Mobile site or Not

We analyzed the analytics data of one of our client’s website from July 1, 2013 to Oct 1, 2013 on the following parameters –

  • Traffic coming from Mobile Devices

  • Traffic coming from Desktop Devices (PC’s)

  • Traffic coming from Tablets

Note: We have analysed few parameters, but other parameters like trend, type of traffic (country, age etc.) could also be studied.

Mobile Site Optimisation

  • The other dimensions that one can look at while analysing the needs of mobile website are:


Mobile Site Optimisation

This website gets 58,038 mobile visits through Opera Mini browser. So while designing the site one must first check if the site is compatible with this browser.

Screen resolution

Mobile Site Optimisation

This website gets 10,257 mobile visits through phones with a screen resolution of 240*382. So the site should be designed in such a way that it fits a screen of 240X…+

Device and model

Mobile Site Optimisation

This website gets 6,439 mobile visits through NOKIA 305 smartphone.  So the site structure should be designed & arranged in such a way that it looks more organized- at least on all Smartphone models.

Note: Now, to analyse the data one must set up the tracking for the mobile site on the same property as the desktop site. To let Google know that it is just sub-domain or sub-folder of the main site.

Reference link: httpss://

Next time… Mobile Site Optimisation Part II – How to Choose the Right Architecture for Mobile

  • Data to Analyse for Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site Optimisation
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