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SEO – What Makes Good SEO Company?

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  • On April 3, 2010
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There are some things that are needed to make a search engine optimisation (SEO) companies work well.  The first of these is a project manager.  One person needs to be in charge of the project and be the main person who makes all final calls and decisions on the matter.   One person has to be in charge of the search engine optimization as it relates to algorithms and marketing.  Using page content and keywords to create the best possible search engine results, this person is an important crew member.
A good copywriter is an integral part of an SEO team.  The copy on the page makes all the difference when it comes down to the real search engine results.  This person has to make good words flow together as well as keeping the keyword focus good and making it all work together. Using PPC as part of your search engine optimization plan is a good choice too. Having a good balance between keyworded copy and some PPC is helpful.  You can use PPC to measure and track your progress of optimization.
Next, let’s take a look at viral marketing.  Honestly, viral marketing has become such an important part of SEO campaigning, it’s hard to imagine the world without viral.  Backlinks are often created as a result of viral marketing. One other important team member here is someone who can break down and analyze the functionality and success of these efforts.   The optimized web pages must stay consistently strong in order to get the visitor to stay and to use the website as intended.  Focus on usability will increase conversion rates.
Web design is also important when using SEO Services, because even if the content is good, if it’s really awful-looking, nobody is going to stay. It sounds very superficial, but it’s the truth.  A programmer is a good person to make sure that all of the efforts in applications and viral marketing for a website are high quality.  Not each of these positions must be done by a human, and not each of them must be done by a different, unique human.  Sometimes, these jobs overlap, depending on the size and goals of the company.  However, within a larger company, there might be teams of each.  It really depends on the search engine optimization company’s goals and where they are going, as well as what type of business the SEO company is currently doing.
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