SEO Trends 2010

As we venture into the year 2010, the changes and dynamics of SEO trends gain their foothold over the entire online marketing scene. Moving ahead, SEO experts have to deliver a greater degree of specific results to invite relevant traffic and increase SERPs. Beginning with Bing steadily gaining popularity by delivering results which ensure the user gets the relevant information on the very first page of the search query, Google will much naturally have to work upon its search engine algorithms. As these two major search engines compete each, things get pretty unpredictable as how to get the best deal on both of them which makes it pretty tough for the SEOs to perform nevertheless. Location wise search leads to varied results. You may have to do with different set of results for two different locations implying search results for a keyword will differ on Google UK page as well as on Google USA page. Another important point here will be the excessive use of back links and reciprocal links in order to increase your page rank is very much disliked by Google. This leaves SEOs to look out for alternate means to achieve your desired page rank. A change of strategy, Google is now going to give extra importance to page load time, bounce rate and domain age. The speedier the page load, the better page rank your website is going to enjoy. Considering a page has to contain its usual components ranging from menu bar, banners, relevant content and even images to portray the company or brand image and information but SEOs have to decide upon optimum composition of displaying the most important facts and details. Increasing use of Social bookmarking and social networking is making e-merchants and e-retailers are very much presence on them – be it acknowledging a praise or pacifying a bad review or announcing the launch of a promotion or bargain offer. Social networking seems to be the most effective way to reach out the prospective clients and have a viable web presence. For example one of our client selling quad bike has been ranking on page one for many of important and competitive keywords. Keeping abreast of new Search Engine Optimisation trends by researching extensively and hit upon the most effective search engine marketing campaign, a great deal depends upon the fact how soon SEOs can absorb and implement changes to the campaign so as to enjoy better visibility and page ranks Previous Post : Social Media Optimization (SMO) & the Professional Approach