SEO Explainer Video And Fundamentals Of SEO For 2016

SEO Explainer Video

Here at Broadplace we are blessed to have a great team of SEO experts – from account managers, to linkbuilders, to content writers. This quick video explains why so many companies rely on Broadplace to enhance their Search Engine Optimisation. Long gone are the days that SEO teams stuff keywords into content at every opportunity. Links aren’t paid for and sent through to any website willing to link… It’s all about quality and we, as a Google Premier Partner, are all about quality.
SEO is not all about keyword placement ­ in order to build domain authority; links are an integral part of the strategy. Links count as ‘votes’ in the eyes of Google and the more quality, authoritative links you have the better.
PLUS: scroll down for the 8 fundamentals of SEO for 2016…

SEO Explainer



So what is SEO all about nowadays?

On each page of your website, you need to incorporate these 8 fundamentals:

Meet the needs of the searcher and provide useful content based on what they’re searching for

Eseentially, you need to make sure that the content matches the keyword that brought the user to your page.

Optimise your page for speed

Users are impatient creatures – you know this, because you are one! Is there anything worse than waiting for a page to load. You want an answer, you want it now. User satisfaction reduces dramatically the longer it takes for a page to load. You have a matter of seconds to make a good impression.

Build up trust

This can be done through user experience, user interface and branding. You can use credentials/awards to show that you are a brand to be trusted.

Don’t annoy the user

Pop-Ups that aren’t easy to get rid of, aren’t relevant or adverts that lead to competitors are all no-nos. Additionally, they may hurt your direct ranking signals.

Keyword targeting

These are easy to achieve if placed correctly:

  1. Title Element
  2. Headline
  3. In content
  4. External anchors
  5. URL
  6. Alt attributes
  7. Image name
  8. Internal links

Related topics

Even the most specific topics have related topics that you can target. E.g. SEO Explainer could be related to SEO Consultancy, Principles of SEO, Approaching SEO etc.

Optimise Snippets

Snippets, or ‘meta descriptions’ are the first sample of content your reader gets in the search engine results. They can tell a user more about what your content offers them, what questions it answers and if there are any other reasons why they should choose you over the competition. Don’t overlook this opportunity! Refreshing the publication date can make the content seem more up-to-date and relevant.

Unique Value and Amplification

If you’re serious about ranking highly you need to work out what you need to provide to do this. If you’re in an industry with a lot of competition the chances are that there is an overlap in content – you might be selling exactly the same things as someone else. But what makes you unique. What makes your service twice as good as the competition. This shows your *value*. When it comes to amplification, you need to think about what makes the content shareable – who will share it and why? This is important because when people share your content, it signals to search engines that you are trusted, valuable and worth ranking highly because you have achieved #1 on our list – “Meeting the Needs of the Searcher”!
If you’ve yet to experience SEO the Broadplace Way, we’d be delighted to provide you with a FREE, quick analysis of your current SEO…  Get in touch today.
SEO Explainer

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