SEO Consulting checks before you hire an SEO agency

SEO Consulting checks before you hire an SEO agency

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  • On October 5, 2010
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You have a website and now you want to find a good SEO Consulting Company who can help you bring that additional free organic traffic to your website. I’m sure there are lots of emails dropping into your inbox claiming that the writer is the best SEO consultant and that their company is the best SEO consulting company around. Some promises could be regarding position 1 ranking in Google;  But what makes a good SEO consulting company or consultant? Here are a few things you should check before allowing any company to start work on your web site:
SEO Consulting Check 1:
Does the company have good references? They should have a track record of working on competitive keywords rather than very long tail keywords which only drive a handful of searches and hence traffic. The company should be able to provide testimonials and examples of sites and keywords they have worked on.
SEO Consulting Check 2:
Does the company talk about actual performance instead of just monthly jargon? A good SEO Company will not shy away from some performance parameters and working to reasonable KPI’s. They should be able to offer you a bespoke  package based on agreed KPI’s that are directly linked to your keyword ranking.
SEO Consulting Check 3:
Does the company talk about Content? Do they address integrating online PR and site content within the SEO strategy? It is essential that good online PR distribution as well as quality content is fully exploited to get the greatest SEO push to your website. The combined effect cannot only have a great effect on your site structure but also generates valuable genuine backlinks.
SEO Consulting Check 4 :
Does the company talk about Social media as an integral part of the SEO strategy? Social media forms a vital ingredient in the mix of the whole SEO strategy and missing this means you could be missing some fundamental tricks here!
SEO Consulting Check 5:
Do you feel the sale person / tech person has confidence in their voice? If they are doing a good job then you will be able to sense it when you talk to them.

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