Search Engine Optimization – Do Not Make These Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization – Do Not Make These Mistakes

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  • On May 7, 2010
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When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), most online marketers think they know everything.  Many of those promoting sites, products, and services, spend a lot of time and effort engaging in strategies that they think are fool-proof.  However, many of the strategies commonly used to improve search engine rankings are actually counterproductive and actually drag down search engine ranking rather than bring it up.  Here are some SEO mistakes that you do not want to make.
Avoid “keyword flooding,” the practice of loading a site’s home page with a long list of keywords.  Online marketers often think that more keywords mean more traffic.  In most cases, though, none of the keywords on this long list ever achieves a high ranking because individually they never reach the necessary density or repetition.  When it comes to successful SEO, the focus should be quality over quantity.  Instead of flooding your homepage with keywords, focus on two or three keywords that are particularly relevant to the site.  Title tags should be kept to seven words, preferably fewer, and each keyword or keyword phrase should be repeated at least three times on the home page.
On the subject of keywords, make sure that you do your research.  Successful Search Engine Optimisation requires knowing what terms people are using in searches, which terms are too broad and which are too obscure.  Keywords that are overly broad will come up against too much competition from well-established sites using the same terms.  Obscure terms will simply not be used frequently enough to drive sufficient traffic to your site.  Many online marketers think that getting this right is intuitive.  In fact, it is a lot more complicated than it seems.  There are many free keyword research tools available for online marketers.  Take the time to use one of them before deciding on your keywords.
Also remember that it matters how you use your keywords on your homepage and your site in general.  This requires using keywords organically in the text on your site so that they flow naturally.  It also means making sure your keywords are in the right form.  Many online marketers like the visual appeal of Flash websites.  However, remember that search engines read keywords in text, not in graphics.  While graphics add to the overall look of a site, they do not boost your search engine rankings.  For best SEO results, make sure your keywords appear in normal text, not only in graphic form.
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