Search Engine Marketing – New Developments

Search Engine Marketing – New Developments

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  • On May 7, 2010
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Everyone with a website would love to be getting on top Google and other search engine’s rankings all the time.  However, if you are not getting the results you want right now, here are some of the ways that the top players are winning with search engine optimisation today.  The first thing you’ll want to consider is if you are you using the right keyword?  Your keyword should be specific enough but also somewhat general.  For example, instead of using the term “outpatient surgeons” you might just want to use “surgeons”.  Next, are you chasing after the right search engine?  Use the ones that get the traffic you need.  Top rankings mean nothing if you aren’t benefiting from it.
When it comes to search engine optimization, how does your history look?  If your SEO campaign has not shown any top spots in a long time, you need to find out what’s wrong.  Sometimes, your keyword might have too much competition.  In such a case, you will want to choose a less competitive phrase.  Understand that a fluctuation in search engine placement is not unusual.  Be patient.  Don’t abandon ship the moment it drops a little.  Using different keywords isn’t always a bad idea though.  If you consistently can’t get the results you’re seeking, consider a substitution.
Don’t let your computer tell you stories about how well you are doing.  There are some sites you can use to get a good feel for your performance.  Use ranking checkers to see where you truly stand. Some examples of these are Rank Checker, SEO Book Rank Checker, and Mike’s Marketing Tools. Know the value and power of your landing pages.  If someone comes to your home page and that is your landing page, how are you capturing their information?  Make sure you include this important part of the page when setting up your search engine optimisation.  Make sure your home page isn’t too crowded either.  Keep your keywords to reasonable numbers.
If you have multiple pages doing well in the rankings, don’t be too quick to leave them in the same results page. The truth of the matter is, if you have another page that is doing well, consider using it for another keyword to diversify.  Find out from visitor metrics if your rankings tell the truth about your successfulness.  Make sure your page is organized, user-friendly, and effective.  Take a look at your website and your competitors. What’s good and bad about each?  You won’t want to study this constantly, but do so regularly. Search engine optimization is important but it’s not everything.
if you hire an  SEO Consulting company, they will not only make your website more search engine friendly also provide better online visibility to your business.  Broadplace is one of the same SEO consulting  companies  which has well designed SEO Packages to meet all your requirements.
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