Search Engine Marketing – Driving Traffic to Your Site

Search Engine Marketing – Driving Traffic to Your Site

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the online marketing process of promoting websites using search engine optimization (SEO) and different types of paid placement, such as pay per click advertising.   The primary goal of SEM is to ensure your website is listed at the top on a search engine results page.  SEO is achieving the right combination of keyword-rich, not keyword-stuffed, content and inbound links from other sources. In a paid placement program, advertisers pay a fee to website publishers for including their business.  Often, the advertiser pays only when a user clicks on their link, or pay per click.
Search engine websites were developed in the early days of the Internet and, just as they are today, were free to users.  As they became more and more popular, sites such as Google and Yahoo discovered they could earn revenue by offering sponsored search results.  In 2008, it’s estimated that US advertisers spent in excess of $13 billion on search engine marketing, whose growth is far outpacing more traditional forms or advertising.  The term Search Engine Marketing was first coined in 2001 to convey the multitude of SEO activities, such as listing sites on directories and negotiating paid placements with the search engines.
Search Engine Marketing success is measured by the amount of traffic driven to your site, and can be done very cost effectively by implementing the basic techniques of on-page and off-page SEO, as well as adding paid placements.  Because you have strict control over the amount you pay in a pay per click ad program, these campaigns are easy to fit into any budget.  For example, you can design a program with Google AdWords in which you determine the most you can afford in any single month is $30.  Google will then rotate your ad in and out until your budget is met. Many of SEO Company will help you to get relevant traffic and effective conversion ratio in small budget.
The term SEM has now been expanded to Search Engine Marketing Management (SEMM) to focus attention on the return on investment of SEO and SEM activities. Site visitors are great, but if they aren’t buying from your site, it’s all a waste of time and money.  SEMM takes a deeper look into websites from a truly customer-focused point of view.  A site should be easy to navigate and customers shouldn’t have to dig to find what they want.  When a user clicks on your paid listing, he should land directly on the page where he can see the product and make a purchase. A SEO Consulting Company can help you to get relevant traffic and better online visibility in limited budget.
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