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Search Engine Marketing Basics

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  • On June 7, 2010
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There was a time when all you had to do to open your own successful business was to come up with a good idea for a product or service, find the supplies and space you needed to operate, and hang out your shingle. Because competition in cities and towns used to be relatively limited to the geographical area, it was easy for two or three companies to create similar products or services and still have a strong clientele. With the speed and connectivity of the internet, however, it has become necessary to compete in a global market with thousands of other businesses. Search engine marketing is one way that businesses can stand out from the crowd and attract the audience members that are most likely to benefit from their products.
In case you haven’t had much experience with search engine marketing before, you should know that it is a type of marketing that focuses only on a company’s visibility on the internet, and strives to make websites more attractive to the search engines that are responsible for indexing and ranking them for internet users. There is some disagreement among professional organizations and publications about the actual limits of this type of marketing, and while some include all SEO in the definition, others limit it to only ads or links that are paid for.
One of the newest additions to the world of search engine marketing is the use of social media networking sites to create interest among audience members and open up a valuable dialogue between companies and their consumers. Whereas traditional print and television advertising tactics used to do their best to predict what would resonate with consumers, and place those messages in media that they were likely to use, social media marketing allows companies to literally ask consumers what they are looking for, through direct feedback opportunities.
In order to create a successful search engine marketing campaign, you have to start with the basics, and that means taking some time to figure out exactly where your niche is, and where your customers are most likely to be looking for your products or services on the internet. The bulk of internet searching is done through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so it only makes sense to target these outlets with keyword related ads and links that are most likely to attract the eye of your audience members. Once you’ve figured out what your consumers are looking for, you can start to build an online brand around supplying it.
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