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Web Pages Markup Gets Easier Thanks to Search Engines Alliance

The three main competing search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing, from Microsoft – are not often seen as best friends. But this week they have announced an alliance that should make it easier for webmasters to markup their web pages in a common format. The alliance is called, and it aims to create one brand new standard markup schema that will be common to all three search engines. A schema is another word for describing how metadata is put together on websites. This information is read and used by search engines to figure out which sites will be ranked where in the results. It also helps to return more accurate results to the people looking for them. This alliance will have some significant benefits for webmasters who decide to use it: •    Learning about web page markup will be made easier, as the site will provide a single reliable source of information •    It will become easier to markup web pages without worrying about whether the markup will be suitable for one or more search engines •    Less time will be spent deciding how to tackle the markup •    It will become easier for websites to appear in relevant and better structured searches Metadata is an essential part of each web page. But since each search engine has up until now had its own preferred methods, it has been very difficult to please them all. However this united move from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft should make life easier for all webmasters who want to ensure they rank highly in the organic search results. Schema – Markups for Google, Yahoo & Bing is the alliance between Google, Yahoo and Bing to create a common markup for all search engines. This information will be used to figure which site will be ranked where in search results. is the alliance between Google, Yahoo and Bing to make it easier for webmasters & SEO company to markup their web pages in a common format and to use it in SEO for search engines.