Broadplace Reviews Its Own Staff?

What I Really Want To Say To Account Managers

Warning: I speak my mind in this post. I say what I really think about our Account Mangement team…
As Awards season creeps up on us, I’ve been reflecting on what our team gets up to. And in particular, the Account Managers. Many of the awards we are entering focus on their work. It made me think, there’s a few things I’d like to tell that bunch…
If I could, I’d tell them that they’re the beating heart of Broadplace, the foundations without which our empire would come crumbling to the ground. They’re one of our unique selling points. They wear so many different hats. They’re more than Account Managers, they’re Business Advisers, they’re sounding boards, sometimes they’re even Marriage Counselors. They’re the ones at the end of the phone when your business partnership hits a rocky patch. They’ve been known to drop everything at the weekend because you have a crisis. Our Account Managers are the first to volunteer to get the pizza in and work late to achieve an urgent deadline (although, admittedly, that may be more to do with the pizza).
As Content Manager, I badger them for blog posts, because they are experts. They’re the best in the business and their knowledge is priceless. I mean, sure, I give them hell if they’re late producing an article, but that’s only because they really are ‘Champions’ (the moniker we give to them, denoting their specialist subject area). Their insight is interesting for clients and peers alike. And they’re constantly adding to that knowledge, going on training days at Google, reading through the latest research.
They work hard and play hard.
They speak a different language – the in-jokes, the banter, the lunchtime foosball matches, the never-ending MarioKart tournaments… Whilst they’re split into two different ‘hubs’, they’re a great team – sharing best practices and advising each other.
Broadplace Reviews Its Own Account Managers
So what would I really like to tell our Account Managers…?
I’d like to say to them that it doesn’t matter if we win these awards, because they’ve already won. We love them, Google loves them, our clients adore* them; we don’t need a trophy to tell us how good they are (but another few awards would be nice to look at around the office).
*Don’t take my word for it…

“Paul at Broadplace has been working with me for some time now. We launched a new company and had a glitch with a company contract which meant we urgently needed to source private work. Paul worked late and over a weekend out of his working hours to help me get this set up. Over that weekend we got 4 new clients which we would not have got if he did not do this.”

“From the client side, it couldn’t have been a better handover and transition.”
“Simply put, they do what it says on the tin.”
“They deliver where others fail.”
“I have been very impressed with Broadplace, they have worked closely with us to understand our needs and to maximise our ROI.”

Broadplace Advertising Gnome
The Broadplace Gnome says, “Thanks, Guys!”
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