The REAL Reasons Your Landing Page Forms Aren’t Working For You – And How To Fix Them!

The REAL reasons your Landing Page Forms aren’t working for you – and how to fix them!

Conversion forms
A landing page contact form is possibly one of the most important aspects on the page that will help you convert leads, yet so many businesses fail at optimising them correctly. If you are driving plenty of traffic to your landing page, but you are not seeing enough conversions you might want to understand the real reasons why your form could be letting you down.
Your Call To Action is not clear
Your CTA should be clear, concise and compelling for someone to take immediate action. If it’s not clear what the person is getting when they complete the form, it can result in high bounce rates. Words such as ‘Shop, Download, Register, Start, Book’ are action-orientated words and make it clear what the user can expect once they have completed the form.
Not showing the benefits to the customer
If the benefits next to the form are not compelling, then visitors won’t complete your form and will go elsewhere. When a visitor clicks on your landing page, you only have a few seconds to convince them that what you have to offer is what they NEED!
The copy on the landing page needs to be benefit-driven to convince them to take action.
Salesforce makes the benefits of their sales app very clear with stats and a headline that’s very compelling.

You’re asking for too much too soon
When it comes to forms on landing pages, size matters!
Asking for too much information from your web visitor is like presenting a marriage certificate when you’re only on a first date! Visitors coming to your landing page may have never heard of you before, and whilst your offer may sound compelling, you don’t want to scare them away by asking for their personal details too soon in the relationship.
Start with a form that’s short, with the bare minimum information you need from them in order to follow up the enquiry. Then build trust, convince and give a sense of urgency.
There’s not enough urgency
Your copy may not have a sense of urgency to entice people to fill out your form. This can be achieved by providing limited time offers or an incentive to fill out the form within a certain time to get a discount.
This landing page from Exact Data entices the visitors to act quickly with a countdown of when the offer ends.

It’s lost in the clutter
Landing pages should be clear and concise with minimal clutter. If the form is getting lost in all the clutter, people won’t even notice it and you’ll lose potential conversions.
Use bullet points to make your copy skimmable and easy to read quickly, and position your form high up on the page so that those viewing on a mobile device don’t have to scroll too far down to complete the required action.
You didn’t test it
You only get one chance to make a first impression and carrying out A/B testing will help you achieve the best results. You can test different CTA buttons, headlines and even form layouts to see which one brings you the most conversions.
Broadplace can help you optimise your landing page forms to achieve maximum conversions, contact us today for further information.

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