Quality Score Dropped Around Last Week of October

Quality Score Dropped Around Last Week of October

  • Posted by Broadplace
  • On October 29, 2010
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For all those who were really worried about the drop of quality score and increase in Fist Page Bid; have a sigh of relief. It was more of a Google glitch as per the blog post
It says that many accounts experienced the drop quality score for high performing keywords around 24-25 October. I am sure Google would take care of the issue.
There is a high possibility that Google is testing a new algorithm for calculating the quality score and it is highly likely that “Not that well” set PPC Campaigns as well as “spammy” landing pages may get affected in near future. A sincere request to the blog post readers and subscribers to keep an eye on the campaigns please.
You may like to regroup your keywords so as to have very related keywords in an adgroup. This helps you to have a good focus on the specific keywords and embed that keyword in the adcopy. You will be able to drop the visitor on the very targeted page. It can help improve landing page relevance too!!
Broadpalce as PPC Company will always like to help you manage your PPC Accounts!!!!!

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