PPC Optimisation Tips – Part 2

PPC Optimisation Tips – Part 2

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  • On September 15, 2010
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PPC Optimisation Tips Part 2 is sequel to the previous post “PPC Optimisation Tips” . There are some queries as well as suggestions thus I thought of adding a few more tips in this post
PPC Optimisation Tips to reduce Cost Per Click
1.    Check the landing page relevance. Make sure that the landing page is very relevant to the keyword. It will also help to have (Not excessive) but some repetition of the keyword on the landing page
2.    Group the keywords on adgroups well. Have more adgroups instead of a few and too many keywords stuffed in one adgroup. This will help improve quality score and thus reduction in Avg CPC
3.    You may like to increase the bid (be careful about this and track it well). This will improve the average position and improve CTR in turn helping quality score
4.    Have a very appealing ad copy!!!! It helps a lot > have the copy action oriented. You may like to test a few versions though
PPC Optimisation Tips for Right Keywords
1.    I had mentioned about the tools earlier but you may like to use opportunity as well as search query report well
2.    There is a good segment tool which will allow you to analyse the keywords on different parameters. It will give you ideas
As usual; we will be happy to hear more from you.

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