PPC Campaigns – Getting Started

PPC Campaigns – Getting Started

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  • On May 7, 2010
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A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is an affordable and effective online advertising method that can prove especially useful for small and new business.  However, like any form of advertising, a PPC campaign only works well when serious thought goes into its implementation.  The PPC campaigns that work best are those that are planned and structured carefully from the very beginning.  Here are some points to keep in mind when you are getting started with a PPC campaign.  Many of PPC Company and other PPC agency will help you to get more relevant traffic and effective conversion ratio in short time.
Specific keywords and text are generally more effective than overly broad concepts and ad copy.  Most likely, you have a broad, over-arching theme for your PPC campaign.  If so, your first step should be the generation of specific categories and keywords related to that theme. For instance, if you are creating a PPC campaign for a company selling Canon cameras, you will want to create separate ad groups for the specific types and models of Canon cameras that the company sells. Likewise, more specific ads that include specific keywords and search terms are more likely to result in conversions to sales than broad, vaguely worded ads. Consumers looking for a Canon Rebel Digital SLR are more likely to click on an ad and make a purchase when the ad includes the keywords “Canon Rebel” and “Digital SLR” and specific information about those products.  An ad containing only broad language such as “Canon cameras” or “digital cameras” is less likely to result in a conversion.
Once you have a set of specific keywords selected for the PPC campaign, you should create a minimum of three ads for each keyword phrase. This will allow you to experiment with different kinds of ads and see which strategies work best for the specific product or service you are marketing. Try ads that include product prices and ads that don’t. Vary the language from ad to ad, and emphasize different aspects of the product in each.
Another important consideration in structuring a PPC campaign is selecting the best landing pages for the ads you create and the products you market. If the text in a PPC ad is based on the keywords “Canon Rebel,” then the customer should be taken to a page that sells or showcases Canon Rebel cameras when he or she clicks on the ad. Using a site’s home page as the landing page is not a wise strategy because the consumer may not want to spend time searching the entire site for the specific product he or she is interested in.
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