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Pimp Your Ads with Ad Customisers

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  • On March 12, 2015
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If you have been in search for more than a week you have probably come across dynamic keyword insertion, however times move fast online and there is a new kid on the block!
Introducing… Ad Customisers.
Ad customisers allow you to dynamically insert details about your business and/or products into your ads based on targeting and parameters you select, giving you the opportunity to better connect to your potential customers.

Using Ad Customisers

Typically ad customisers are used for e-commerce accounts to dynamically show the latest offers and sales, however there is also a place for them for businesses that focus on lead generation too. Here are a few good examples of ways you could use them:

  • Countdowns showing the number of days for a sale or promotion.
  • Show latest promotion you are running.
  • Show how many products are in stock (in your inventory).

Lead Generation:

  • Countdown to an event such as webinar or conference you are hosting.
    • These add scarcity and urgency and can help make people take action.
  • Showing how many units of something are still available be that spaces on a course or seats on a plane.

There are several ways you can create ad customisers including manual upload, bulk spreadsheet and through Adwords Editor. When going through the setup process you should bare in mind:

  • If you don’t specify when to start a countdown timer it will default to a 5 day countdown.
  • Your ads won’t run unless you have a standard text ad running at the same time.

Manual Creation Process:
If you are going to be using many similar ads such as countdown timers for a major shopping sale you can do this directly through the Adwords interface using code. So for a countdown you would enter…
{=COUNTDOWN(“2015/03/28 00:00:00”,”EN-gb”,10)}
This countdown would run 10 days before the sale starts and the sale is specified as starting at midnight on 28th March 2015. You can enter this code in your ads in Adwords Editor similar to how you would use DKI. This is how it looks in the interface:
Ad Customisers Countdown
Bulk Spreadsheet:
As well as using the interface and Adwords Editor we can also use Google’s bulk upload templates to save some of the hassle.
To insert some of the more specific details for products within the ads and better target users you can make use of the ‘Business Data’ tab in ‘Shared Library’…
Ad Customisers
From here you can upload spreadsheets that contain your stock levels or specific promo codes for your countdown timers.
You can go really in depth with the use of ad customizers and sync your inventory stock levels with availability and pricing. So for example if you were selling trainers and someone was searching for “Reebok Trainers” you may be using some relevant but generic ad copy such as:
Reebok Trainers
Shop for the Trendiest Trainers
by Reebok at TrainerShop Today!
By using ad customizers we can change the ad to make it much more targeted. The ad customiser would dynamically insert the details into the ad for you.
So now the ad could look like this in Adwords:
Reebok Trainers
See All {=ReebokTrainers.Num_models} Reebok Trainer Styles
In Stock and Starting at {=ReebokTrainers.Start_price}!
And this would show like this in Google to people performing relevant searches to find the ad:
Reebok Trainers
See All 23 Reebok Trainer Styles
In Stock and Starting at £29.99!
To make use of these types of ad customisers you just need to upload a current spreadsheet with the information needed for your ads (similar to a product feed). So in the above example a file for Reebok Trainers would have been uploaded. The model count and starting price would come from Start_price and Num_models fields.

Do Ad Customizers Work?

At Broadplace we have been using ad customisers heavily here is an example of how it benefited just one of our ecommerce clients.
So you can see that we saw significant uplift in both CTR and conversion rates from using ad customisers and would definitely recommend implementing them on all applicable accounts.
Written By Jamie Ludlow

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