Pay Per Click 101

Pay Per Click 101

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  • On April 12, 2010
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Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is a form of advertising used online with which advertisers only pay when it is clicked.   It is used with advertising networks, search engines, and content sites.  This is a great method for advertisers so they know they are getting people to their landing pages. What happens is that advertisers will bid on keywords or key phrases that they think are going to be searched by the people they are targeting.  This is a good way to make sure they are hitting up their niche.
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Not every pay per click campaign works on a bidding system, however.  Some sites, such as blogs, use a fixed price system.  No matter which type of PPC campaign is used, it is incredibly important to make sure these are not just browsers, and that they are buyers. Using pay per click Services well is the key to success.  Putting prices in ads is one way to pre-scan an internet shopper to be sure they are actually shopping, and not just looking at prices.  One way you can benefit from visitors who are not ready to buy is to give them something they want if they sign up for your newsletter or something similar.
One good strategy that is used by some who are using PPC advertising is to try both methods at the same time, and see what is working for your particular product or service. Using conversion tracking is also an effective pay per click method.  This helps track how well a campaign is working.  It is important in any business to know where you truly stand. Also, when using Google AdWords, track profitability by using Google Analytics.  It’s free, so why not do it?  Free tools to build your business are extremely rare!
These tips should help you with your PPC, or pay per click, marketing methods and processes.  Hopefully, they will help.  As you use these ideas and tips, you should be able to grow the profits of your business with each and every click of the user’s mouse.  It is a quick and profitable money making option on the internet, but if you are doing it aimlessly, it can be tough to make money.  Using pay per click is an effective marketing tool that will help you earn more money quickly if you are doing it effectively.  Jump on board, see how it works, and enjoy the ride.
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