Paid Search Tips To Improve ROI

Paid Search Tips To Improve ROI

The goal of an eCommerce account is to improve ROI and this can be done via paid search campaigns. ROI is a vital part of any marketing campaign to push forward revenue for online businesses. Newsletter sign ups and phone calls are also useful, but it is important to never underestimate the value of ROI.

eCommerce, Mobile & ROI
eCommerce, Mobile & ROI

Improving ROI will be different for each business, as different tactics will work for one but not for another. There are some general tips to get you on the right track to success however.

Non-converting spend

Reducing non-converting spend is a fast and effective strategy. Avoid using your account for keywords that are not leading to conversions in order to improve ROI. There are many ways in which to do this. Keep an eye out for click assisted conversions, as these play a part in the overall flow.

Look at a longer date range to see the bigger picture. A 30 day window for example may allow you to notice a keyword has only spent a small amount and hasn’t converted, but a 6 month period may show it’s spent way more and still hasn’t lead to any sales. Also look at search queries. A keyword might be converting, but make sure you look at the traffic behind it.

Account structure

Account structure is vital to success. Make sure you stay organised to accommodate for builds in the future and improve efficiency to increase CTR and reduce CPAs. Sort your campaigns and ad groups into fluid themes and names. Organise by themes and segment into match types by ad group or campaign level. Staying organised is key to the success of any business, as it will improve efficiency and therefore waste less time and money. A little bit of extra work now will save you so many more hours in the future sorting out a confusing mess.

Remarketing lists

Use remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). These are audience lists that can be layered on search campaigns in order to target customers within your remarketing lists. This can help to improve ROI and has the ability to increase bids for users who are more likely to convert than everyone else. They have already heard of your brand and are familiar with or trust you, making them more likely to spend. You can then potentially bid down across your search campaign overall, but bid higher on those more likely to lead to conversions.

Paid search advertising is a valuable tool for any online business and should be implemented in the right way in order to guarantee success. Check ad copy has been performing well, and try out different headlines and calls-to-action if needed. Stop the lowest performing ad version in order to save money. Review and compare results for mobile devices and computers and tablets. Review extensions are also useful. Positive articles, awards and third party rankings about your business can be added as a review extension in AdWords. This may improve click-through rates.

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