Our PPC Predictions for 2016…

PPC Predictions 2016 As we reconvened after the Christmas break, the team at Broadplace were debating what our PPC Predictions for 2016 would be for online advertising. We asked the whole team what they thought would be big this year.

Jim Houlden, Yahoo/Bing Champion and Head of Client Services

More clients are seeing the importance of visibility on Bing Ads. It enjoyed rapid growth last year, and looks set to snatch some more market share from AdWords in 2016. There are lots of developments – with search functionality across a number of Microsoft products (think Xbox, Cortana, Office). Native Ads are gaining popularity thanks to Yahoo’s Gemini platform, which we reckon will provide a resurgence for Yahoo as a search contender! PPC Predictions for 2016

Dan Pillay, Search Products & Innovation Manager

Human Teach, Machine Learn” – Machine learning algorithms have made their way into both the trendy world of start-ups as well as the pitch decks of many agencies. I see the importance of automation of machine learning growing throughout this year in both PPC and many other sectors. BUT, I believe the real breakthroughs in this area will be in the software being provided to allow humans/account managers/clients better ways of assessing and defining what success looks like to them and their business, so that automation, and machines can learn, optimise and iterate to bring positive results. PPC Predictions for 2016 We’ll be rolling out more and more ways to help customers teach us about their business and goals, so our machines can learn how to best achieve them. Watch this space.

Paul Harraby, Google Shopping Champion

Personalisation will be the name of the game in 2016. We’ve seen some great products come out from Google in 2015 – Google Customer Match for example. Plus, Google introduced the facility for users to access more information about a business or its product (namely ratings and product information expands as the user scrolls across Google Shopping search results). Google tells us that “The new design is so helpful to those specific users that we’ve seen click-through-rate increases of up to 11% for retailers for these queries.” Small business owners especially need to look at the whole buying process and the devices that takes place on (from research on smartphones to product comparisons on desktops to the actual purchase). Shopping remarketing is going to be a strong focus for our retail clients.  

Freddie Robson, Mobile Advertising Champion

I’m really excited about the progress being made on Virtual and augmented reality and I think this will see a change in the way that ad formats are made up. Whilst it doesn’t seem the sort of thing that our customers might be doing straight away, they can take inspiration from VR. PPC Predictions for 2016  

Ella Cicero, Google My Business Champion

I strongly believe that Google My Business will have its own tools in AdWords this year, making it even easier to get your local advertising right. I’ve seen many customers enjoy great success from Google My Business in 2015. Google My Business social signals were deemed the 3rd most important last year for SEO, so the benefits are far reaching. PPC Predictions for 2016  

Akash Raval, Amazon & Analytics Champion

Clients will be facing more challenges from ad-blockers. It’s in the media more, so customers are more aware of it and how easy it can be. We anticipate that Google Analytics should be ‘white-listed’, but it could still be disruptive. Our job is to position ads as something the customer will be glad to see and find helpful. PPC Predictions for 2016  

Jamie Ludlow, AdWords Champion

Google’s goal has always been to provide the most relevant search results for every query searched and I believe 2016 will see Google take that one step further by rewarding those businesses that have proven themselves to be reputable companies to do business with. Local search is huge and it only makes logical sense that Google will want to show the most reputable local businesses at the top of its results pages so I expect seller ratings and reviews to influence quality scores in the near future meaning if you want great exposure then you will have to be doing a great job for your clients / customers. PPC Predictions for 2016  

Jong-Tack Kim, Remarketing Champion

It’s all about targeting people rather than keywords in 2016. Remarketing is all about intent… Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) will become a key part of our initiative for clients using this facility. PPC Predictions for 2016  

Michal Wielechowski, Google Tag Manager Champion

It still amazes me to read stats on how many large retailers aren’t using a Tag Management System to centralise and automate their advertising efforts. I think we will see a huge uplift in the adoption of this tool. PPC Predictions for 2016 So what do you think of our predictions? We’ll follow up later in the year and see who got it right!