Making a Comeback From Negative Online Customer Reviews to Improve SEO

Making A Comeback From Negative Online Customer Reviews To Improve SEO

Customer reviews can form an integral part of any strong digital marketing campaign for your business. According to surveys, 88% of customers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a company before going ahead with a purchase. This can have a massive impact on the success of a business. 85% of consumers are satisfied once having read up to 10 reviews.
These listings are also important for SEO purposes and help to build the ranking of your website in search engine results. This means an increase in sales opportunities. Inviting customers to leave feedback on your products or services will enable others to find out more information and allow them to place trust in you before making a transaction. Word-of-mouth is still a very strong method of recommending a local business to someone. With increasing popularity of social media and review websites however, online reviews are creeping up in importance.
Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid receiving negative feedback on a review site. How you react to this will make or break your reputation and can affect your SEO. We’ve compiled some top tips to help you make a comeback from any negative reviews.

Top Tips

1. Be positive – Reply to any reviews in a calm and positive manner and avoid making accusations. New customers will notice that you are taking criticism on board in order to make further improvements to your business. This will ultimately swing in your favour. It is best not to ignore the review as you can put your side across in the right way. This will keep your reputation in tact and also show that you care about your customers’ concerns.
2. Offer a solution – If a customer isn’t happy with their purchase, be sure to leave your contact details so they can speak with you in private. You can then offer them a solution such as a refund or a free voucher if you feel this would resolve the relationship.
3. Avoid fake reviews – Don’t use a service that invites people to leave fake reviews. This will be obvious to most consumers and will automatically decrease their trust in your business. Having some neutral or negative reviews may even be beneficial. Afterall, no business is perfect and it would look too good to be true with 100% glowing feedback. It will also give you the chance for your customer care skills to shine through when responding to unhappy customers. This is an important consideration for many consumers when placing an order.
4. Use social media and review sites to your advantage to boost the reputation and rankings of your business on the web. It is important to remember that in any industry, you will never make everyone happy. Don’t get disheartened by any negative comments.

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