Companies are Increasing Online Advertising Budget

Companies Increasing Their Online Advertising Budget

The annual benchmark study released by EConsultancy has just been issued for 2011 and it makes for very interesting reading. It reveals that many companies are planning to increase their spending on various forms of online advertising.
As per the study, 44% of people surveyed for the report stated that their SEO budget looked set to rise by as much as 20% in the coming year. Out of everyone surveyed only 7% saw any need to decrease their spending in this area in the next twelve months.
Social media marketing revealed an even more promising picture, with just 5% looking to decrease their budget in this area. 38% were looking to increase their social media marketing budget by up to a fifth, while 18% said they were going to double their current spend in the area.
Finally the survey focused on spending in the PPC – pay per click – area as well. Here the number of people wanting to decrease their budget was higher, coming in at 17% overall. However 46% – nearly half of those surveyed – had the intention of increasing their marketing budget by up to 20%.
Of course simply increasing your budget to focus more on online advertising such as social media marketing, pay per click and search engine optimisation is not in itself enough. You must also have the knowledge to ensure your investment is properly spent. To this end hiring an expert SEO company is the best move to make. You can leverage their knowledge to help your own business, while freeing you up to focus on serving the new customers you will find.
If your own company’s advertising budget will be increasing in the near future, it is important to focus on online marketing as a key strategy. Despite the current economic climate being somewhat shaky, it is definitely the case that more companies are looking to increase their spending in online marketing. With the right assistance you can get a great return on your investment. It may not be good news for traditional marketing avenues, but it is good news for the internet.

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