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News Round Up: Google Latest

Google’s next chapter for metrics to focus on clarity once ‘average position’ is removed

When AdWords was launched, one of the original key metrics was Average Position. However, this has lost its usefulness and will be phased out later this year.


What Does This Mean?

While Average Position used to be useful when ads would consistently appear in the same position, advertisers now compete for all slots on the SERP based on Ad Rank. Google also ensured that ads would only show in the organic results if they reached a certain threshold of relevance. So, advertisers have been using average position as an input to bid management strategies. Fred Vallaeys says “They’d do far better by implementing proper conversion tracking so that automated systems can set the right CPC bids for each auction to achieve the target CPA or target ROAS.”

Discover more here


Google tests ads in Assistant results

It appears that Google is currently testing ad delivery on the results of Google Assistant – the rival to Alexa/Siri/Cortana. This shift was inevitable and hardly surprising but could be an opportunity for businesses to reach customers when they are asking questions relevant to your product or service. Furthermore, it’s likely that there will be only one single ad result, resulting in higher CTRs. We’ll keep you posted on any official news from Google.


Google call-only ads getting ‘expanded’ with more characters

Google is giving its call-only ads an overhaul. Instead of a single 25-character headline, you’ll have two 30-character headlines. Plus, descriptions are increasing from 80 to 90 characters. The business name will also move to the description line. Here’s an example:


We recommend a lot of testing. If you have a recognisable brand name, the business name shift could have an impact. Learn from successes and failures on expanded text ads and ensure that every word encourages that call!


Google to kill off property sets within Search Console

Propert sets are poised to go at the end of March. Google Search Console owners have been emailed about this closure but you need to communicate the change to your managers and clients soon. Property sets was a method to allow one to combine multiple verified profiles into a single set. So if you have an http, https, mobile site, an app, etc all verified for the same brand in Google Search Console – Google would enable you to group them all together in a new property to see how well the property as a whole was doing in the aggregate.

Here’s the email, in case you missed it:

You can learn more on how it works over here

Google revamps Test My Site mobile site speed tool

Google first launched Test My Site back in 2016, and announced Monday that the site will be getting a revamp for mobile. Here’s what SearchEngineLand had to say about the new revamp:

What’s new? Within several seconds, the tool will generate a report to show you:

• The speed of both the entire site and of individual pages and whether the site or page speed is faster or slower compared to the prior month.

• A Fast, Average or Slow score for site speed or page speed and a benchmark report against competitor sites.

• The potential impact of site speed on revenue and a detailed list of recommended fixes to increase speed on up to 5 pages on the site.

• A complete report to download and share with your team.

Why you should care. Site speed has been a success metric for ages, and the growth of mobile only amplified its importance. Google cited The State of Online Retail Performance finding that a one-second delay in mobile load time can impact conversion rate by as much as 20 percent. Site speed tools like Google’s can offer directional insights on your site’s performance as well as suggestions for improving load times and, with that, user experience.

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