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New Adwords Report Editor – Review

Google have enhanced the ability to analyse AdWords data in a precise, in-depth but simple way. It is now possible to clearly visualise data with the new AdWords Report Editor Tool! You now have the ability to create your very own data masterpiece by dragging and dropping data to create pivot tables, graphs and charts directly in the AdWords interface.
Benefits of the Report Editor

  • Search for your data with simple drag and drop actions
  • Sort and filter your data to focus on the specific information you need
  • Visualise your data in pie, bar or line chart to reveal powerful insights
  • Apply multiple segments to analyse your data with finer granularity

The new addition to Adwords is a great way to help PPC advertisers present their data in a powerful way, displaying statistics to help create some actionable optimisations. Below are some images of the Report Editor interface, and an example of a graph that can be created using the new innovative tool.
AdWords 2
AdWords 3
What types of reports to run?
The Report Editor allows you to quickly audit your account segments by filtering the data to see if there are any anomalies. Listed below are 7 must have reports to run on a regular basis to keep up to date with data in your account.

  1. Time (day, week, hour of day, day of week, etc.)
  2. Conversions
  3. Network
  4. Device
  5. Top Vs. Other
  6. Impression Share
  7. Brand Vs. Non-Brand

Why I Find It Beneficial For My Clients
Using the new report editor tool is extremely beneficial when it comes to displaying data to your clients. By displaying the account data in charts you can very clearly compare any statistics and therefore show improvements to the client in an extremely clear and understandable way. The report editor allows you to create in depth reports using filters, segments etc. This means that you can virtually show a client absolutely any data that they may be querying in a very clear and precise way – allowing them to understand fully how their account is performing.
Try the new Report Editor for yourself and start creating valuable reports, tables and charts to help you save time and analyse your accounts in a much more effective way. Show your clients performance statistics in such precise detail, whilst at the same time keeping it clear and understandable for others to analyse.

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