Natural Links – Better Than Fast And Paid?

Natural Links Better Than Fast And Paid?

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  • On March 28, 2011
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It’s fair to say it can be a temptation some cannot resist. The idea of paying a certain sum of money to a firm that will then create all the back links you need must be tempting enough to some.
But as with many temptations this is one that cannot be succumbed to without some degree of consequences. In the worst case scenario the search engines could kick you off their sites altogether, leaving you to wonder where your business went in one fell swoop.
Natural link building will always be more difficult and will require more effort than simply putting your hand in your pocket to pay someone else to do it. But if the methods the other person uses are underhand you will pay dearly in another sense as well, as your site is banned from the search engines.
It is true that when you start to create links leading from other places to your website, you must do so gradually and thoughtfully. If you spend an entire day building lots of links – from social media sites, from your blogs, from comments you leave on appropriate blogs elsewhere – you will definitely get the benefit from it. But too much too soon can alert the search engines to a sudden spike in links leading back to your website. It definitely pays to do a little at a time so you can get the benefit from gradual and natural improvements.
You can probably see how natural improvements are the key to success here. Once you are able to get the hang of natural linking it will sometimes take on a life of its own anyway. As your website becomes better known, other people will naturally want to link to it. This makes your job easier because you won’t have to link to it in any way other than to sit back and watch the links appear.
The point is though that we can enjoy building links without having to pay for several thousand of them to apparently be created at once. If you are at all unsure about the process of legitimate link building in search engine optimisation, make sure you read about it before you do anything. It could save you money – and if you are going to get an SEO company to help you with your site, it will ensure that you choose the right one.
Part of the confusion surrounding SEO is that the rules are always in flux. When they are forever changing you are never sure which ones to follow. But the rules surrounding legitimate linking will probably always be the same. Paying others for thousands of links at a time is never a good idea – purely because it is not a natural way of getting the job done.
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