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Smartphone Usage Shows Active Trend Towards Higher Usage

As more and more people have access to a smartphone, it makes sense that the actions they make regarding shopping, browsing and buying become more interesting. According to recent research it would seem that adverts are noticed by over 80% of smartphone users when they appear on their phones. Furthermore nearly the same percentage – 79% use their smartphones to assist with buying decisions.
The study by Google that has revealed all this information and more is called “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users”. It has revealed lots of intriguing and exciting statistics, especially for those businesses that are keen to exploit the idea of advertising on smartphones.
Brands or products are recommended by smartphone users to other people a quarter of the time as well, so this represents another opportunity to promote your brand in various ways to this section of society. Search engines and social networking sites are also used by 77% of these smartphone users. This means there is an excellent chance of appealing to these users if your business has a presence on these sites.
Clearly those businesses that can rank highly through SEO services for their target keywords stand a better chance of being found by smartphone users. In addition if you have a clear strategy to establish a presence on one or more social networking sites you can reach out to this very responsive group of smartphone users. Mobile advertising is certainly a great area to focus on and if you can successfully do so, your business could take a major leap forward.

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