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Mobile Websites Now Even Easier to Create Thanks to Google

More and more people are now accessing the internet via their mobile phone. While it is possible to view a standard website on an internet enabled phone, it can be difficult to read it. This is why it is becoming more and more important to make sure your own website has a mobile version that is mobile friendly. It could mean the difference between gaining customers or losing them because your normal website is not able to be easily viewed on a mobile phone.
Thankfully Google has come up with a method that every business should use to make sure they can snag customers and visitors even when they are surfing using their mobile.

The idea is that Google is aiming this service at smaller business owners. Not everyone has the finances in place to create a fully fledged mobile friendly version of their entire website. This option means that everyone can get started and make the most of the ever increasing mobile internet usage. You can create simple and clear landing pages with strong call to action such as click to call, buy now etc.
The sites will also take far less time to load than a normal website would on a mobile phone. In addition to this they can be used as a landing page for an advert to promote a business. If your own business has not yet made inroads into mobile advertising, this could be the best way to get started. Mobile advertising is very important as more people use their phones to get online. You may be surprised at the potential that exists for finding new customers online in this way.
This is clearly an excellent tool for all online businesses. It is definitely an investment well worth making, particularly for businesses with little in the way of financial backing to address the mobile phone market.

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