Make your PPC Management Easier With These 3 Tools

Make your PPC Management Easier With These 3 Tools

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  • On August 18, 2014
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As an account manager, there are so many tools at our disposal that things can often become overwhelming. There are the obvious tools that make our lives easier: AdWords Editor, Google Analytics, proprietary pay per click tools, etc., but to refine or organise our accounts, there are many more easily accessible tools.
1. Google Analytics Annotations
These annotations are invaluable points of references. If you have ever looked at your analytics graph and thought “what happened here?” annotations are for you.
The other uses for annotations are:

  • Experiments: make it much easier to see when you started a certain experiment, and to be able to determine if the experiment’s results were positive or negative.
  • Events: by writing down notable events, it could offer a glimpse as to what is affecting the traffic. (e.g. start of a tournament would affect equipment sales of said sport)
  • Review: If you’re stuck in a rut or not sure what to change with an account, it’s easy to look back at the account history through annotations and see what changes have yielded positive results and what haven’t.

How to use it:
i. Open up analytics
ii. Go to Audience -> Overview
iii. Click on the small arrow immediately under the chart
iv. Click on the “+ Create new annotation”
pic 1
2. Client Reporting
AdWords has a client reporting interface that allows you to create customised reports. They can be used to track performance as well as to make decisions.
It’s called client reporting so obviously it sends reports to show performance. The best part is that you can set them up with multiple filters and then have these scheduled and sent to you!
Example: If, once a week, you wanted to monitor how many keywords had over 100 clicks but no conversions, you could have a report sent to you with all the keywords in a CSV file.
How to use it:
i. Open up AdWords
ii. Beside My Client Center there is a tab called Client Reporting
iii. Click “ + Create Report”
iv. Customise
pic 2
3. Labels
I used to work in restaurants; any decent restaurant will label ALL their prepped food, and for good reason too. People will tend to forget, so labelling is even more important when you have multiple campaigns, dozens of ad groups and hundreds of keywords (or more).
It also makes filtering things out much easier – since AdWords doesn’t have a date modified tab that you can filter by, labels work very well.
How to use it:
i. Open up AdWords
ii. Go into Keywords tab
iii. Select keywords
iv. Click on Labels tab and create a label appropriate to the keywords
pic 3
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