Google AdWords, PPC

Keyword Implementation Checklist

There are a great deal of fantastic resources to use when researching keywords. This is not going to be one of them; I’m more concerned with the process of deciding which keywords to test once we have acquired keywords using these tools. Research Audience in the targeted location uses this keyword (e.g. UK English and North American English are not the same)  Audience in the targeted location spells the keyword this way  Appropriate jargon for the target audience  Appropriate level of complexity for target audience  There is a consistent level of traffic for this keyword (you can use tools like Google Trends to see if the keywords are seasonal or trends with events)  Balance between position in desired sales funnel and feasibility of search traffic (e.g. you don’t want a long tail keyword that gets no searches, or an extremely broad keyword that gets you no conversions)  Represents the brand and business  Find out if the keyword is the name of another brand or slang (check with Urban Dictionary or do a quick Google search, and then use negatives to reduce irrelevant traffic) Implementation  Find a landing page appropriate for this keyword, or create a new landing page  Find an ad group appropriate for this keyword, or create a new ad group  Check to see if language and location settings align with goals  Test keywords Analysis  Set benchmark (performance over a set period of time) to gauge whether the tested keyword is successful or not  Review test keywords often (search query reports and how it fares compared to the rest of the account)  Try keyword variations (negatives, incorporate into phrases, pair with different keywords) Happy Testing! Written by Jeffrey Chang