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Keep An Eye On URL Tagging And Tracking In Your PPC Campaign

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  • On October 15, 2009
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If you are using URL tagging and tracking to see how well your PPC campaign is doing you could discover that your reports are not really reflecting how well you campaign is actually doing. Because businesses use different systems to track and monitor their campaigns, they could easily run into three major problems. These problems include tracking parameter order, 301 redirects, and the structure of your URL. Let’s take a look at each of them.
Tagging URLs is one of the most popular ways to track your progress but many people do not realize that the tracking parameters have to be in the right order to get the information you’re after. If your parameters are listed in the wrong order you will receive incorrect or even no information about your PPC campaign. Look over your tracking parameters and make sure the &UTM URL is the first parameter in your list. If it is not, you need to reorder it.
301 redirects are used to divide your PPC traffic into direct and organic categories which can make a mess out of URL tracking. Adwords’ glcid tracking code and the &UTM=source code are part of these redirects. In order to make sure your tracking figures are accurate with 301 redirects in place you need to test the gclid and then see if the 301 redirects are the problem. You can test the 301s by typing in the destination URL with an appended end. Here is an example: “”. If there is a problem you will have to configure your server so that it passes the glcid test as well as other tracking parameters.
Finally, you need to make sure that URLs are structured properly so that Google Analytics can track them for your PPC campaign. If they are not formatted or structured right the program cannot record the traffic properly. Once again check you &UTM=source parameters to make sure they are applicable and then go through the troubleshooting tips offered in Google Analytics to get your tracking back on track.
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