Introducing Customer Ratings Annotations

Introducing Customer Ratings Annotations

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  • On March 13, 2014
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From shopping for clothes to finding the perfect holiday, users have never relied more on the reviews and experience of others in helping them make their decision. A brand having a good reputation has never mattered more. Google have helped advertisers over the years with introducing ratings, reviews and social endorsements to show alongside your ads. These helped ads look more attractive for users and rewarded brands who have a reputation with increased click through rates and better performing ads.

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Within the next few weeks Google will be releasing consumer ratings annotations. This feature is a new ad format which provides detailed customer opinion data. These rating annotations will convey up to three well rated aspects of your business. For example if you are a designer watch seller, this annotation could be focused on product quality and customer service.
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According to the results generated from Google’s betas; it has shown that consumer rating annotations can increase click through rates by 10% and that many advertisers have seen a positive impact with running this new ad format.
Where is the data from?
The data for these annotations is accumulated from hundreds of thousands of surveys Google send out using the Google Consumer Survey platform. An average of 1000 surveys is completed in order for a rating to be generated and the surveys are refreshed regularly to keep the rating up to date.
Written by Lewis Barker

  • Customer Ratings Annotations
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