Instagram popularity rising with digital marketing strategies for small businesses

Instagram popularity rising with digital marketing strategies for small businesses

Small businesses in the UK are utilising Instagram in their digital marketing campaigns at an increasing rate in order to attract new customers and engage existing ones in their products or services. The platform is not just a photo sharing network, it has great potential to reach global markets at a rapid rate. The social media app has revealed it will add £1.25bn to the UK economy this year in terms of gross value added. It also expects to triple to an impressive £6.7bn within the next five years.

Instagram Stories

With more than 800 million active users, 80% of these follow at least one business. This is key to the success of Instagram and creating a community in which companies can share their products and services with customers in an ideal way to peak their interest. Instagram Stories have been popular in particular. This feature launched in 2016 and has achieved a major impact. One third of the most viewed Stories on the social network are from companies. 1 on 5 Stories leads to a direct message from a customer.


Instagram has revealed it secured more than 1 million monthly advertisers this year, a 5 times increase from the previous year. This was driven by the increase in company profiles. The good news is that most of these tools are currently free for businesses to use and include data insights so they can determine which posts were successful and how to improve these for future campaigns. This makes it the perfect social network for small businesses to use in any digital marketing campaign. It is an effective tool while keeping costs as low as possible.

Syncing and marketing tools

Many businesses use the platform to post competitions and giveaways to engage customers and get them involved. These often lead to an increase in followers and potential sales, as many brands partner with others in the same sector to entice each other’s customer bases.

Such competitions and posts can be synced across other networks such as Facebook and Twitter, via the sharing feature. This is very quick and easy to do and keeps content consistent across all platforms, reaching an even wider audience.

Instagram allows for both videos and photos to be posted, increasing its potential. It also has a new feature where multiple photos can be posted in one post with a sliding feature to allow for more images without taking over the newsfeed. Hashtags can be tailored to suit the target market and become a really useful tool in reaching new audiences. Live videos are also increasing in popularity as brands can engage with customers in real time and interact with them by allowing them to ask questions to be answered there and then.


In conclusion, an increasing number of small businesses are expected to join the Instagram trend and use the platform to advertise their services and products to a wider audience. The features it boasts make for very effective and engaging marketing techniques and fit in very well with any social media campaign.

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