Improve your call to action - 7 Easy Steps

Improve your call to action – 7 Easy Steps

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  • On May 26, 2010
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Google’s blog on 7 ways to improve your call to action is a good read to  Boost your “Call To Action” with the 7 Wonders…
If you have a website you must know that you have 5 seconds to sell your services and products to millions of visitors who browse your website. The initial 5 seconds of your visitors play a crucial role in achieving the desired action as well as the bounce rate.
The page on which your visitors land should be updated and informative. Most people clutter up their pages with banners, high resolution images and at time a lot of content which confuses the visitors.
Below are some changes that can help you make an effective landing page.
1.    Huge call to action buttons: Remember to place your call to action button whether “sign up” or “call now” or “buy now” above the fold as that is where the eye movement is highest. The button can be made to look attractive and bold using rich colours and graphics. The default HTML buttons are not enticing; you can always create customized call to action buttons with a bit of research and numerous tools available online.
2.    Support call to action with relevant information: Using an engaging headline works wonders, it should be short and self explanatory. The headline needs to be backed by facts about your products and services; these can be written in the form of bullets. Make sure you leave enough white space on the landing page. If possible add your client’s testimonials which will increase the visitor’s confidence in your company.
3.    Emphasize on the visitor’s benefit: Why should the visitor take the desired action is the question that needs to be clearly answered. The page should explain users why they should choose you over other available options, for this price comparison, discounts (if any), quality superiority etc can be mentioned. The communication should be at a one to one level with the visitors.
4.    Give limited choices on each page: If you provide multiple products and services then it is the best practice to create separate landing pages for each of them. The product choices per page should be few as it will avoid confusion.
5.    Place Competing offers strategically: At times it is difficult to avoid multiple offers on the same landing page. In such a situation placing all the offers in the same row helps. It gives the visitors the chance to view all of them without any difficulty. The best plan can be highlighted so that it attracts maximum attention.
6.    Repetitive use of call to action: In case just one page is not enough in explaining your products and services to your visitors you will have to use multiple pages. Make sure the call to action button appears on all the pages which the visitors will go through.
7. Adding call to action to every category page: If you offer multiple products and services your visitors too would shop for a variety of them on your site. Adding a shopping cart to each category page will save the visitor’s time. They can go to a specific category page choose a product and add it to their shopping cart, they will do this for every category and once they are done they will see all the products they shopped for at the same place.
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