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How To Write Evergreen Content

We are always interested to see how our content is performing for our clients… even months after it has been published. The best content is evergreen content – the kind of blogs that keep giving long after they’ve been promoted on the company’s social media channels; the kind of content that keeps popping up in analytics; that a year on is still providing quality reading for its audience. It brings new visitors all the time.

Why Evergreen Content?

So why does evergreen content matter? Because it’s the content that works harder than any other. It’s not a flash-in-the-pan success. It’s a steady stream of traffic to your blog, it gives you leads, social shares and more. It doesn’t date, it stays relevant and helpful to readers long after publication.

Evergreen Content Case Study

Using just one case study, we saw the power of evergreen seasonal content over the Christmas period. One of the most popular posts was from last year. The reason it was so popular – it was all about Secret Santa gift ideas! It didn’t matter that the post was from 2014. The ideas were still great and the content was still relevant. We have no doubt it’ll probably be just as popular next year!
Evergreen Content
This particular client enjoys traffic from at least four pieces of evergreen content each month. These can vary with trends and seasonality.

How Do We Write Evergreen Content?

It’s all very well setting out to write ‘evergreen content’, but it’s easier said than done. How does Broadplace go about it?
Here’s our handy checklist. Bring together these elements and client knowledge and you’ll have the perfect recipe for content.

  1. Know the client.
  2. Know the product.
  3. Know the audience.
  4. Create a content calendar, intersperse key events/product launches/industry news with evergreen content that answers perennial questions from customers.
  5. Pick out the seasonal events that won’t change from year-to-year.
  6. Look at the most popular tags on the blog – it can highlight key interests of the readers.
  7. Create a compelling headline that people can’t help but click on.
  8. Write it with SEO in mind – so that search engines can find it at a later date.
  9. Keep the URL short and to the point.

Evergreen content

  1. Make sure that nothing within the article ‘dates’ it (so no dates, no references to news at that time etc).
  2. Pack it full of interesting, relevant and helpful advice or answers.
  3. Where necessary, we will update the information with new discoveries/updated facts.
  4. Don’t forget to keep sharing it. At regular intervals, with new angles from the content.

This is our foolproof method and it works for us and our clients and their audiences. It’s how we attain stats like this, accumulative traffic to the blog with just one article. Steady traffic with the occasional big peak. That forward-planning pays dividends!
Evergreen Content


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