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How To Screw Up Content On A Landing Page…

… And How To Fix It

So you’ve spent money on advertising and are getting potential customers to your website. What are they seeing when they land there? Is the landing page putting them off? Are they confused about what you’re offering and what to do next?
Here’s how to immediately turn off a potential customer and waste your ad spend.
Make the header super long and extraordinarily boring so that the customer gets tired of reading by this point.
Anything following this is totally redundant as the reader has bounced.

After the super-long, dull header…

  • Write out really long, unintelligible content paragraphs that are packed full of content keywords but not much relevant content or useful information content. Content. The keyword is content (can you tell?)
  • Definitely don’t make sure that the keywords in the GoogleAd match up to what’s in the content:

Landing Page

  • Do have lots of irrelevant links to other pages or even other websites entirely, that way your customers will leave you just as quickly as they found you.
  • Don’t have a CALL TO ACTION above the fold.
  • Don’t have nice, easy to read bullet points. Just chuck everything you want to say in one incredibly long paragraph.
  • Instead of answering likely customer questions, make sure to create more questions.
  • Don’t have product/service images.
  • Or customer testimonials.

Cross NO! Don’t take any of the advice above. It’s how to instantly ruin a landing page and totally negate your ad spend. Do the exact opposite!
Landing Page Importance
Make sure that you adhere to Google’s best practices on landing pages and you will help to improve your quality score. Doing this (along with working on ad quality and CTR) can positively effect the following:

  • Ad auction eligibility.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Your keyword’s first page bid estimate
  • Your keyword’s top of page bid estimate
  • Ad position
  • Eligibility for ad extensions and other ad formats

Hopefully that should reinfornce how important it is to get content right. Don’t take our word for it, head over to Google’s own page on Understanding Landing Page Experience. Or watch this handy video:


Free Landing Page Audit

If you’d like a free audit of one of your landing pages that isn’t performing as well as you’d expect… contact us. You will receive a full audit including all these contributing factors to landing page content quality:

  • overall effectiveness
  • campaign insights (if we have access to your Google Analytics)
  • page relevance
  • motivation
  • call to action
  • distractions
  • hesitation

Landing Page Audit Sample
To find out more about Content Marketing from Broadplace, click here.

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