How to Link up Content for SEO

How to Link up Content for SEO

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  • On January 27, 2011
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SEO is not just only about getting links but one has to know how to provide links from the Good content too. The blog post covers the ways to links internally as well as externally.
There are plenty of different components to SEO. If you want your website to rank as highly as possible in the results on your favourite search engine, you have to try to master as many of these components as you can. Contrary to what some people may believe, it isn’t all about keywords and nothing else. SEO consulting is not only the website optimisation.
For example one of the key ways you can rank more highly is to pay attention to the linking processes you use. Let’s look at two broad examples here to illustrate what we mean by the idea of linking.
In the first example we have a website with plenty of content on it. The only thing is that none of the content links to anywhere else. The articles are solid and worth reading, but they don’t link to external sites that may be of additional use to the reader. They also do not link to other pages within the same site, and this is perhaps the most important thing to note.
In the second example we have a similar website with a similar amount of material on it. The articles are equally as solid and worthwhile to read. But virtually every article links to one of these pages:
•    The home page of the website
•    Another article on the same website (preferably one that makes sense to link to)
•    Another section of the same website (i.e. a category rather than a specific article)
This means that over time the website will create its own spider web of links, with various pages linking to other pages. This has a couple of distinct advantages.
Firstly it makes it easy for the search engine spiders to find their way from page to page, indexing more of the website as they go. There is less opportunity for them to miss a section or page of the site, because it is being led from place to place, finding more to index and show to readers as a result.
Secondly you will find that readers are also being gently led from place to place. If they are not provided with links from the article they are reading to other articles on the website, they may read that single article and then leave the website to go elsewhere. The longer they can stay on the website the better, because it will mean they are able to get more out of it. They may even return again to read more in the future.
Of course, external links are also worth pursuing. If you are going to link to other websites they should be relevant and worthwhile. You should also make the effort to go elsewhere to link back to your own site. This is more difficult but you will find that it is not impossible. Try writing content for article directories such as Ezine Articles and linking back from there. You will soon see that the power of linking works in several different ways – all of which are worth pursuing.

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