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How To Get Customer Ratings On Ads For Free

Two years ago, we highlighted the benefits of the Seller Rating Extensions.
In a nutshell, a seller rating is a star rating that can be displayed with one of your AdWords ads. Google pulls ratings and reviews of your business from third party review sites and averages them to display a five star rating (for your business) directly under the Display URL. Customer ratings on ads can help to boost trustworthiness in your product or brand.
Location Extension Star Ratings
The issue with the seller rating extension is that you have to register your business/website with a third party review site, and this involves a fee! Making seller rating prohibitive to SMEs.
But wait…
Location Extension Star Ratings Are Free!
In July, Google introduced a new feature allowing location extensions to display a star rating. These look and work in a very similar manner to seller ratings, providing your ads with all the benefits of a seller rating.
Location extensions are details about your business that Google extracts from your Google My Business page. The good news is that creating and running a Google My Business page is completely free! Therefore implementing a star rating on your ads via location extensions is also free!
Similar to seller ratings, for your location extension review ratings to show, you will require 7 unique reviews in a 12 month period with an average rating of over 3.5 stars (out of 5) on your Google My Business listing.
Location Extension Star Ratings
How to implement
You will need to set up a Google My Business listing and gather the minimum number of required reviews and ratings.
Once you have done this, you will need to link your Google My Business listing to your AdWords account. As long as location extensions have been implemented within your AdWords campaigns, location extension ratings will be eligible to show.
Like all other extensions, location extensions will not always be shown. But depending on your ad position, and various other factors, location extension ratings will give your ads the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
The benefits of location extension ratings are much the same as the advantages your ad can gain from having seller ratings.
Your business will gain credibility, especially if you are able to gather a large number of recent reviews. If your competitors do not have either seller ratings or location extension ratings, your ads will naturally be more prominent.
Ultimately, having location extension ratings will increase your CTR. Helping you benefit from all the indirect benefits this can bring to your long term CPC fees.
For one of Broadplace’s clients, ads being shown with location extension ratings experience a 65% higher CTR.
Customer Ratings on Ads
Example Of A Location Extension Rating
Customer ratings on ads
Want Location Extension Ratings?
Get in touch with Broadplace if you are a SME, and want your Google ads to benefit from the authenticity and increased Google search results page real estate that Location extension ratings can provide.

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