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How Structured Snippet Extensions Could Help You

Google recently rolled out a new extension for Adwords – Dynamic Structured Snippets.
Brilliant, but what are they? And how do they help advertisers?
Well straight off the bat it offers Adwords advertisers the opportunity to show the consumer more information about their products or services and make ads more relevant, a more information rich advert is never going to harm its effectiveness.
Structured snippets can be implemented all the way from account level all the way down to ad group level. Meaning that advertisers can highlight any specific features of a particular product or service in a single ad.
This opportunity to highlight specific features of a product or service should not be overlooked. After all advertisers only pay when someone clicks on an ad, so making the ads more relevant can only increase relevant traffic and as a result drive more business.
That’s all well and good saying this but where’s the proof? Well, here…
Structured Snippet Extensions
As we imagined, having structured snippet extensions enabled increased the click through rate (CTR) and reduced the cost per conversion (CPC) by generating more relevant traffic as a result of having more informed ads.
This is great news, but how easy are they to implement? The answer is very easy. Simply log in to your account and click on the add extensions tab, select structured snippet extensions from the drop down menu and click on the red +extension button. You are then presented with a list of headers simply select the appropriate one.
Structured Snippet Extensions
These cost nothing to implement, you will just be charged the same CPC as you would ordinarily without the extension enabled.
So really there is no reason not to have these structured snippets enabled if there is a suitable header for your product or service. If you can’t find a suitable header choose types – this can usually be attributed to most products or services.
Some online feedback for Google was that they are similar to callout extensions. Google say the differentiation between the two is that:

“callout extensions should be used to highlight what makes your business or products or services unique, whereas structured snippets should be used to highlight a specific aspect of the products or services you offer.”

A little ambiguous to say the least.
However, I have to say after applying these on my clients accounts the difference between the two has become clear and I can really see the benefits of them. Just make sure you don’t have duplicate information from your callouts as they can be shown at the same time.
Structured Snippet Extensions
In conclusion this is a useful tool that costs nothing to implement and can only help a campaign generate more relevant traffic and conversions. All as a result of being able to show more information in an ad.
To find out more about  how Structured Snippet Extensions could help your business achieve more from its advertising, get in touch with our friendly sales team for a no-obligation chat.
You can also learn more about Structured Snippet Extensions over at Google, who have a whole page dedicated to it… click here.

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