How Often Do You Check Your PPC Results?

How Often Do You Check Your PPC Results?

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  • On January 19, 2011
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There are many aspects that go to make up a successful pay per click campaign. It all begins with selecting the keywords that you believe will get you the best possible results. But belief is a long way from actual results.
The trick is to remember that the journey does not end once you input those keywords and set your budget. No matter how strong you think your keywords are, you must always keep a close eye on them to see whether they are delivering the kinds of results you are looking for.
Hire a PPC Consultant to monitor your campaign professionally.
Let’s say for example you decide on a keyword and you organise a PPC campaign to run for a fortnight. You set a daily budget of £20 for that campaign – not a fortune by any means but you want to be cautious to begin with. Of course if your keywords are cheap to bid on you will find your £20 goes a long way anyway.
Now there are two broad courses of action you could take here. Firstly you could leave the campaign to run and come back to it after a fortnight to see how it did. Secondly you could check to see how it is doing at the end of every day, to see how the keyword is performing.
Top marks to you if you would go for the second course of action. While you may think the first stance is the better one to take because you will have a fortnight of results to look at, you could potentially lose a lot of money there too. If everything went right you would have a fortnight’s worth of successful results to focus on. But if everything went wrong you would have lost as much as £280. That’s £280 that could have been saved if you had checked how things were going every single day.
You see no PPC campaign is set in stone. You may have a plan initially but that plan could be better served if you think about checking its performance every day. If you find that day one didn’t produce the results you wanted, you can put everything on hold and tweak some things to try and improve those results. If that doesn’t work you have another go the next day, and so on.
This is obviously better than leaving things to progress of their own accord over the course of a whole fortnight. We have already seen that you can lose a lot of money doing this, because if things aren’t working on day one they probably won’t be working on day fourteen either. The trick is to check and tweak everything that looks less than perfect as you go along. Make notes, see what works and what doesn’t, and go from there.
Always remember that you are in charge of your pay per click campaign and results. It is always going to be better to check your progress along the way, rather than waiting until you reach your destination.
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