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How Do I Get Ratings On My Adverts?

How Do I Get Ratings On My AdvertsHow Do I Get Ratings On My Adverts
Quick question, which of these ads are you automatically drawn to…
How Do I Get Ratings On My Adverts?
Most people will click on the first one – not because it’s the top result, but because of those stars showing you how others have rated the company. We place trust in reviews and ratings.
Adding a Seller Rating Extension can make your ad more attractive than one without the extension. The extension shows your ‘star rating’ prominently and can produce higher clickthrough rates on ads.
How Do I Get Ratings On My Adverts?
So how does all this happen…?

How Do I Get Google Seller Ratings?

You will need around 150 individual reviews in the last 12 months for the ratings to show on ads. Reassuringly, the ratings will only show if they are 3.5 out of 5 stars or higher.
Got a Google Merchant Account? That’s great – your ratings should also show up on shopping ads.
There are other factors involved, that Google doesn’t tell anyone about (this is to prevent any ‘gaming’ of the system). As with all things Google, make sure you stick to their best practice guidelines and don’t do anything ‘black hat’.

How Do I Get The Ratings To Show On My Ads?

The Ratings extension is automated, meaning that you don’t have any control over what appears. That’s why Trustpilot came up with this handy list to ensure you tick all the boxes and increase your chances of showing:

  •  Do you have more than 150 unique reviews from a review platform?
  •  Have they all been written in the past 12 months?
  •  Do you have an average score of 3.5 stars out of 5, or above?
  •  Are at least 10 of your reviews in the language of the Google domain you’re using? For example, if you’re using the domain, make sure at least 10 of your reviews are written in German
  •  Have you waited 6 weeks for them to appear? That’s around the average of time needed to pass before GSRs show up.
  •  What is your campaign type? Your campaign type should be “Search Network with Display Select”, “Search & Display Networks”, or “Search Network Only”

Why Do Google Seller Ratings Only Show Up On Some Ads?

Using the same search terms but sometimes seeing ratings and sometimes not? No need to panic, says top review site Trustpilot, it could be any number of things:

  • Google is determining the best time to show the extension based on the intent of the query.
  • The search engine will also take into consideration the recency of the search, as well as the cached results
  • If someone searches the same keyword over and over again to check their extensions, both paid and organic results will be affected, and the extension will not always appear as Google shows them only a certain number of times.

Tip: Check whether or not your extension is showing from a different device or a different IP address. If it shows, you know you have Google Seller Ratings, and Google is determining whether or not to show them.

How Do I Make My Google Seller Ratings Show More Often?

It can be frustrating when the ratings don’t seem to appear regularly and without good reason. Google has given us more tips to help with this. The most obvious of which is to provide great products and service to encourage more positive reviews (well, yes, of course!).
A really good tip is to keep your company URL consistent across the web as Google aggregate reviews from a number of different sources. Failure to keep things consistent could mean that Google are missing or ignoring reviews, thinking that they are not you!

How Do I Track My Google Seller Ratings Performance?

Of course, with all digital marketing, the beauty is that it is all measurable. And GS performance is no different. You can check your Automated Extension Report. It will show you how many times the GSR was shown and the impact it had to the ad performance. Trustpilot gives this example:
How Do I Get Ratings On My Adverts?
Broadplace are really excited about teaming up with world-renowned review site Trustpilot. The Danish-born company was keen to work alongside Broadplace to improve the clickthrough rates of customers’ ads and build customer trust in brands.

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