PPC Opportunities This Christmas

Holiday Shoppers Are Begging for Your Help This Christmas

‘Help me find you — wherever I am, whenever I want’

That’s what holiday shoppers are asking of retailers at this time of year. Shoppers are inundated with messaging and are looking for brands to cut through the noise and answer the questions they’re asking. Questions such as “brands like” and “stores like” give retailers the opportunity to cut in when people are searching for larger, better known or more expensive brands. Indeed, mobile searches for those queries increased 60% in the past two years.

61% of shoppers are open to buying from new retailers during the holiday season, and in the 2017 season, 46% of them actually did.

There is a huge opportunity to get your brand in front of new customers and remind existing customers of your presence (no pun intended!) during this huge shopping frenzy.

Continuing to provide assistance via mobile is critical. Shoppers are turning to their smartphones for shopping help with even greater frequency. In fact, in the past two years, searches for “shopping app” have jumped 90%, while searches for “online shopping” has grown 180% in that same period.”  Think With Google.


New Channels This Christmas

It’s not too late to consider new channels to attract new customers this holiday season… If you have video content to hand, you can make a killing using YouTube – both organically and through ads. Just make sure that your strategy aims to help customers with the information that they are looking for. Answer their questions, introduce your brand and your great reputation so that they feel comfortable with trying you instead of your competitors.

Christmas PPC Opportunities


Latest Shopping Type This Christmas

One of the latest trends for Christmas gift shoppers is ‘thoughtful gifts’. Many shoppers have no clue what to buy friends and family. Ensuring you can answer their question about what to buy a certain demographic will entice them to your store. Google said of this:

“In our discussions with shoppers, we repeatedly came across people going above and beyond to find just the right present. In short, they want to be the best gift-giver of the season. It doesn’t come easy. “I want to buy a gift that’s so fitting for the person that I try so hard. That’s stressful,” one person said. Or as another person put it, “I like giving gifts, but I’m not sure I like buying them. I stress myself out about it.”

But they feel elation when they find it. “I had my nephew’s birthday the other week and I literally searched ‘I don’t know what to buy a kid,’ and ‘what to buy a kid,’” another person told us. “And on there was a scooter I liked and I guess he liked it too. When his mom saw it she was like OMG you got him THE scooter. … I was like ‘Yes!’” “ Think With Google

Christmas PPC Opportunities

Google says they’re seeing some very specific searches cropping up. Searchers are being very specific about what they are searching for. Mobile searches for “gifts for ___ lover(s)” have grown by over 130% in the last two years (for example, “baby gifts for music lovers,” “gifts for hawaii lovers,” and “great gifts for makeup lovers”). They’re also looking for the best gift based not only on the recipient but the giver as well. Think “gifts for dad from big brother,” “gifts for grandparents from grandchildren,” or “christmas gifts from kids to mom.” Mobile searches for “gifts for ___ from ____” have grown by over 140% in the past two years.

Christmas PPC Opportunities 2

But who’s the most difficult person to buy for, and the one that you could be taking advantage of searches for…? The person who has everything or wants nothing!

Mobile searches for “gifts for” + “has everything” or ”wants nothing” have grown by over 230% over the past two years. Examples include “gift for 3 year old boy who has everything,” “christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything,” and “gifts for the woman who wants nothing.”


So, there are many new opportunities to cut through the Christmas white noise and get to new customers. Make sure you help those shoppers who are desperate for help this Christmas.

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