Broadplace, Google

Google Visits Broadplace to Talk about New Features & Developments in AdWords

You may already know that Google runs a Partner Programme where companies, like us, who are specialists in search engine marketing and SEO, can receive a certification to consult and manage online campaigns by demonstrating their in-depth understanding of Google’s AdWords in exams. As we’re a Certified Partner, Google likes to keep in touch with us regularly. Last week, we were joined by one of our contacts who was not only able to review much of the work that we do (we got a thumbs up!) but who was also able to share some tips and tricks with us for exciting and upcoming improvements to the search engine! Google Visits Broadplace to Talk about New Features & Developments in AdWords More than this, we also learned of how to maximise marketing campaigns for our clients even further by utilising all aspects of the services under the Google umbrella, such as in the case of mobile marketing. Employees from all departments had the opportunity to ask direct questions and to receive on-hand help. This visit was also hot on the heels of another where Broadplace’s Account Managers received help and advice on a one-to-one basis from another Google representative. The chance to speak directly and freely in this way, as well as to learn of new features in advance, is appreciated as it will enable Broadplace to perform better overall, and maintain our constantly high quality service for all our clients. Unfortunately, there’s no chance of you reading any spoilers here – we are sworn to secrecy! Instead, you’ll just have to come onboard and experience what it’s like to be managed by a professional company with a close working relationship to Google first hand!