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Google Updating Ad Colours And Other Stories…

Get out the paint sample charts… Google are testing out some new colours! For three years now we’ve had yellow Ad icons that depict paid search results.
Google Purple Ads
But now we are seeing testing of different colours across different Google products. Here’s the lowdown of what’s being tested and what we know so far.

Purple Ad Labels and Pins on Maps

Google are placing ads in the Local Finder, as well as Maps. This is potentially great for local marketers. We don’t know yet whether this will roll out across the board, it’s just being tested at the moment. Purple Ad Labels are being tested in Maps – matching the pin to the location of the advertiser in the same fetching shade of purple… or is it mauve? The organic pins are still red. At the moment this colour change isn’t showing up on iOs, but can be seen in certain regions on Android.

Google Purple Ads


Green Ad Labels

We reported last week on social media that Google have been testing green Ad labels (a change from the usual yellow). This seems to be running in most of the major markets at the moment.

Here’s what Google had to say about the changes:

“This is a small test, and we’re always exploring ways to label ads clearly on Google across mobile and desktop.”

The German Google AdWords Twitter account tweeted that the test is affecting about 5 percent of global traffic.

Local Box Lite

The Google Local Box has been on a bit of a diet it would seem in new testing on SERPs. Here’s the before…

Google Local Box Before
Google Local Box Before

And after…
Google Local Box After
Google Local Box After

The after image shows a lot of the elements stripped back – including the blue bar title bar. The slimmed down version does still have all the information, just without a lot of the imagery (map, photos and interface) and icons (expandable button) of the original. so why the change? Well, we would imagine that this is probably to improve page load speed times or to help users in poor connection areas.

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