Google Turns on Streaming

Google is turning it on and I must say turning it on very well. After the disputable release of “Site links for Brand+Generic Terms”  (Check at “Showing more results from a domain” ) ; the new release is now available only on regarding “Streaming” is very useful. One can see a small little link next to the google search box . The link is labeled as  “Turn on / off Streaming” (Check the screen grab) As a user starts typing any query;  Google starts serving organic as well as sponsored results. User doesnt have to click on Search Tab!!! For example when I just typed “bu”;  it shows results as follows: I will type buy and organic as well as as paid results will change though “Search” button is not pressed. I think it wil definitely push out the typo searches and in other words a death for the domain parking companies…. The Good SEO sites will definitely benefit since users get a quick access to what they are looking for and more….. In case of Adwords and PPC Advertisers ; I suppose the CTRs will go down Since many impressions for the unfinished keywords .  It will definitely help Google since there will be more clicks. In a long run it will be a good release from the PPC advertisers too. Google seems to be really experimenting well in enhancing user experience and I suppose the new “Turn On Streaming” will be a good release for the end user. With Shopping Season not too far from now, all these changes will need a good attention from Advertisers. Previous Post :  Facebook Advertising A Boon to Retailers