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Google Test Infinite Scroll – blog

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  • On September 2, 2011
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To Infinity – and beyond?
How many internet search engines can you name?
There are literally hundreds of search engines available to use online at this very moment and yet there is only one that truly tops the bill. So much so that its brand name has been absorbed into the English language as a transitive verb – just google it!
Further to their initial concept to maintain order throughout the world’s boundless information and to deliver it to a worldwide audience in a quick and efficient way, Google also has a chain of other products. These include other popular websites, such as YouTube and Blogger, and they are leaders in the development of Android technologies which rival Apple mobile operating services.
Google Infinite Scrolling Test
In response to this, most recently, Google has begun a new initiative which features infinite scrolling technology. Regular internet users may have noticed this already being used when conducting searches on the “Images” platform of the Google website. This feature means that it is even easier to access more information without having to scroll to the bottom of one page in order to proceed to the next. In fact, all that you have to do is continue to scroll down on the original page for the subsequent pages to appear.
Now it has been announced that this feature is to be applied to the web pages as well, giving individuals more information without having to troll through endless pages and waste time twiddling your thumbs as the page loads! Avid internet users and social networking gurus may already be accustomed to the infinite scrolling trait on sites such as Twitter.
Many original features have disappeared or been replaced as the search engine updates its products and services, especially to the Chrome server. Internet surfers will have to wave goodbye to the trademark “Goooooogle” listing the page numbers at the bottom of each search, and instead can click a simple “show more results” button on-screen to upload additional results in a moment.
In response to many online queries and speculations, a representative from Google has reportedly stated that “Google is constantly experimenting with new features.” We as SEO Company can therefore anticipate many more innovative changes to appear on our favourite search engine website.
Google is a world-renowned Internet search engine which is used every hour of every day by millions of people in hundreds of countries. In fact, an estimated one billion search queries and user-generated data passes through approximately one million servers every day, which are exclusive to Google alone.
The corporation is constantly striving to remain the unsurpassed greatest, as they are already the favoured search engine for all manners of enquiries, ahead of Bing, Yahoo! and numerous others. Due to the sheer volume of visits that the Google website receives on a daily basis, changes are mandatory to ensure survival. Moreover, there are a large number of businesses which depend upon Google to promote their company’s products, goods or services. Ease of use and understanding is therefore paramount.

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