Google Search Gets More Secured

Google Search Gets More Secured

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  • On May 26, 2010
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The new secured Google Search as described in Search more securely with encrypted Google web search is a good step forward from Google.
Today, most people are wishing for enhanced security features and control over other channels which are likely to access their online communication. Next time you search for something, you will observe the web address is most likely to begin with “httpss” or a browser lock icon which reflects its secured status. This implies that information which has passed from your computer to the web address has been encrypted enabling no third party to gain access to the same.
Google has already adapted SSL security features for its mail service viz. Gmail and Google docs. Just recently Google went ahead to providing SSL security to search queries as well. Next time whenever you search on httpss:// , an encrypted connection will be established between your browser and Google. This service is distinguished by a modified logo stating your search query is under the SSL security and that no third party will be able to access the same.
With a recent launch of the same service under the ‘beta’ label, you will easily understand that it covers the core Google web search products. The links such as Image Search and maps will not be visible on the screen as they do not support the SSL at this juncture. So, do not get worried if your screen does not show the Image Search or Maps links.
Lastly, you may witness a slight slowing down of the search results as first the encryption channel between your browser and the remote web server needs to be fully functional before the data is sent across. Nevertheless, rest assured, the search results will be still the same.
Before winding up, Google has initiated the SSL encryption process to prevent third parties from accessing search related information. At no point the quality of search results will falter or defer as Google is committed to provide you with the best quality search results. In case you opt for Google Images or Maps, your search query will be out of the SSL Loop.
Lastly, Google hopes more and more websites and Google users opt for encryption services which offer better security and privacy option to online users.
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