Google Puts a Block on Domains - Bans Domains

Google Puts a Block on Domains

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  • On July 18, 2011
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Major news has hit the internet headlines in the last few days, with Google deciding to put a full block on all domain names. It will no longer show such domains in its results pages, making it even harder for these websites to be found.
Here are some notable facts about the domain names and why this move has been made:
1. domains are well known for hosting malware
2. A high proportion of websites are also ridden with spam
3. These domains are exceptionally cheap, leaving them wide open to scammers looking to buy domains as cheaply as possible
4. The ban by Google has led to some 11 million domain names being removed from their search engine results
The move has been widely received as good news – but only to an extent. Some say that scammers will simply move on and use other domain extensions instead. Recent explorations have indicated that may now be under strain from scammers looking to use that domain instead. Another potential target for the scammers looks likely to be
Experts in the industry have also stated that while genuine businesses on the domain are few and far between, some do exist. They will have been harmed by the blanket ban on the domain by the search engine. Since the scammers will simply move to another domain, Google’s tactic is widely believed to be nothing more than a temporary measure. It may help reduce the amount of spam and malware doing the rounds for a time, but it will not last forever.
So what does this mean for businesses?
Well the most important thing to remember is that it is worth paying a little more money to register a dot com domain name, or one from another country that is well regarded. Another example would be Don’t be tempted to register an incredibly cheap domain name like the example because it is likely to lump you in with spammers. You must always preserve the integrity of your own business, even if you are worlds apart from them and only share a domain address.
People are asking what the next step will be in the fight against spam and malware online. Banning results from the search engines can only be a temporary measure. The ideal situation would be to make it even harder for scammers and spammers to dominate the internet in the first place.
If you own an online business, there are definite advantages to hiring an SEO company to help you ensure your website is the best that it can be. It all begins with buying the right domain name and this is just one thing that we can help you with.

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