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Google Publishes New Guide To Gmail Ads

New Guide to Gmail Ads
Google have published an updated guide to best practices when using Gmail Ads. they sum up the advice in 4 neat tips. Gmail ads let you reach people in places where they spend a lot of time — their inboxes. From targeting to creatives, learn how to drive the best possible performance from your Gmail ads campaigns. Here they are:
New Guide to Gmail Ads

1. Show your Gmail ads to the right people

Targeting your gmail ads will ensure that they reach interested parties and people who are more likely to convert. You can do this buy using domain, keyword and purchase intent targeting.
Customer match is the best way to reach your most valuable customers. Using existing email lists you are able to re-engage customers, with tailored ads and bids.
Similar audiences with Gmail can increase your ad views by 2x to qualified users. It does this by searching for prospects who are like your customers.

2. Entice people to click on your collapsed ads

It’s important to remember that only the first 40-45 characters from your description will show up on mobile ads. So make sure your call-to-action or promotion features here first.
Gmail has a handy Social and Promotions tab – people are actively looking for offers on this tab. Adding a time-sensitive offer will entice them to click.
If something works, re-use it. Explore what has worked for you in past or more traditional email marketing campaigns.
New Guide to Gmail Ads

3. Design an expanded ad that converts

Gmail has ad templates to make life easy – so use them. They’re already mobile-optimised and often perform better than custom HTML templates.
Treat your ad like a landing page – guiding a potential customer to convert. Clear call to action, highlight benefits to customers.

4. Optimize your Gmail ads for success

With any good marketing campaign, reviewing and editing your campaign will help it to succeed.
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