Google launches New Content Tool Aimed At Brand Advertisers

Google launches New Content Tool Aimed At Brand Advertisers

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  • On March 16, 2010
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Google launches New Content Tool Aimed At Brand Advertisers
The content network on Google covers 80% of the internet users. Brand advertisers are one of the two types of advertisers on the network. Their focus is more on cost per impression instead of cost per click as their goal is to not bring traffic but primarily to gain audience recall value and acknowledgment. This they achieve through spending on Google Content Network.
In order to capitalize on this Google has launched a series of tweaks like frequency capping, variable ad sizes and integrated measurement of search and display advertisements. The new display ad tool is another such factor that will help the search engine giant make a bid for their billion dollar TV and print budgets.
The new tool for brand advertisers launched by Google allows advertisers / PPC Services Providers to bid for only the ad inventory appearing within a user’s browsing window when a page loads. It rules out the “below the fold” inventory or advertisements that weren’t showing on the screen when the page is first loaded without them having to scroll down. This new tool made by Google is meant to help brand advertisers with managing their advertisements and also allows them to minimize the fault in their campaign and allows them to improvise it.
Brad Bender, director of product management for display ads on Google Content Network, stated that the feature will be made available to other search advertisers as well, especially as trials for time-sensitive campaigns. But the tool will chiefly serve the purpose of impression based brand advertisers who require constant and uninterrupted display of their ad on the content network.
Market sources expect a bidding war for the top “above the fold” ad placement. Google uses a statistical method to isolate ad placements appearing within a browser window after a page loads. It works by leveraging a Javascript call to determine, on a site-by-site basis, where on a page a specific ad slot appears. For instance, if there are three ad positions on a Web page – one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom, Google might use aggregated data from that site to discover that 100 percent of the upper placements render above fold, 0 percent of lower placements render there, and 60 percent of mid-page ad placements do so.
Through the launch of this PPC tool Google Content Network aims to give a lot more control to brand advertisers as to where their advertisements should appear at with almost 100 per cent assurance of visibility.
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